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LuciLighting Affiliate Program

Join the LuciLighting Affiliate Program and earn a 5% commission + 5% client discount

5% commission from every sale

5% discount for your clients

45–day cookie window

Support from the Luci Team

Register for the LuciLighting Affiliate Program here. Fill out a form with your information, make an account, and submit your application. We’ll review it, and let you know if it’s accepted.

You’ll get access to your Affiliate Dashboard where you can generate a coupon code with a 5% discount to send to your clients, and earn a 5% commission each time the coupon is used. You’ll also be able to generate links without client discounts, and still earn a 5% commission.

Share your coupon code or affiliate link directly with your associates and clients, or include it into your online content (website, blog, social media, etc).Whenever they make a purchase with your code, you’ll automatically qualify for a commission payout.

This Program Is Perfect For:

Contractors & Architects

Recommend LuciLighting products to your associates and make a commission. They can use your link as many times as they need, and you’ll get your cut every time.

Interior Designers

Whether you specialize in Commercial Interior, Hospitality Interior, or Lighting Design, the Luci interior design affiliate program is the perfect opportunity to earn an extra income.

Interior Design Media Outlets

The LuciLighting Affiliate Program is open for digital publications that cover the home renovation industry, home decoration industry, hospitality, or any other branch of interior design.

Interior Design Influencers & Bloggers

If you’re a content creator in the interior design or home decor niche, the LuciLighting Affiliate Program can help you monetize your content.

What Makes Our Affiliate Program Stand Out:

5% Commission + 5% Client Discount

The earning potential of our program is unprecedented - most architecture affiliate programs give less than 5%.

High Order Value = High Commission

LuciLighting provides premium products. A high order value means commissions are significant.

45-Day Cookie Tracking

After clicking your link, if a purchase is made within 45 days on the same device and browser, you’ll get your cut.

5-Year Warranty

Your Affiliate Dashboard will show you exactly how your links are performing and how much you’re earning at any moment.

Simple & Easy

The dashboard is very user-friendly and you don’t need to be tech-savvy or have prior experience to use it.

We Help & Support You

Our team is available for all questions regarding the program or products. We’ll even provide promo visuals.

NOTE: The LuciLighting Affiliate Program prohibits you from purchasing products through your own affiliate coupon codes or links.
You can be part of both the  Trade Advantage Program and the Affiliate Program, but the benefits of the two cannot be combined.

Frequently Asked Question

You need to send in your application through the Contact Form. Our team will review it, and let you know whether it’s accepted via email. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be able to access your Affiliate Dashboard when logged in. There, you’ll be able to generate your original affiliate links and coupon codes, start sharing them, and start earning commissions.

The earning potential is huge, but it depends on how often your links or coupon codes are used, i.e. how well you managed to convince your associates or your audience to purchase LuciLighting products. You earn 5% of the total order value (excluding shipping and extra taxes) from each order secured through your coupon code.

Your clients will also secure their 5% discount through your code which is valid indefinitely. You can earn 5% of the total order value through your affiliate links as well, except that they are valid only within 45 days of clicking, and your clients will not get a discount. 

You generate your own coupon codes in your Affiliate Dashboard.

If you want to get a coupon code to share with your clients, here’s how to do it:
• Go to the Coupons section on the Affiliate Dashboard.
• Copy your generated coupon code with a 5% discount and share it with your clients.
• If you wish to create a custom coupon code, you can do this by clicking on the Edit button next to the generated coupon code.
• Once you’ve finished editing, click on the Request button to submit your custom coupon code.

The generated or customized coupon codes you’ve created can be shared with your clients by copying and pasting them through various channels like email or social media. Once your client has received their coupon code, they can enter it at checkout to claim their 5% discount. The coupon code is valid indefinitely and applies to multiple purchases.

You generate your own links in your Affiliate Dashboard.

If you want to get an affiliate link to a specific page from the website, like a specific product:
• Copy a link from the LuciLighting website
• Log into your account and go to your Affiliate Dashboard
• Paste the link into the Page URL field, add your custom identifier in the Campaign Name field (it can be your name, the name of your business, or whatever else you want), and click the Copy Link button.
• You can then paste your link where you want to share it.

Alternatively, you can use the pre-made link to the homepage, which is automatically generated for you when you make an Affiliate Account. You can find it at the top of the Affiliate URLs page. This link is also unique to you and works in the same exact way as the links you generate.

Once you copy your Affiliate Link, you can share it with your associates directly, for example, through text or email, or insert it into your content on social media, blog or platform. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, the system will automatically assign you your commission.

Our Affiliate Links have a 45-day cookie window. This means that if someone enters the LuciLighting website through your link and makes a purchase within 45 days through the same device and same browser, you get your commission, as long as they don’t click on someone else’s Luci Lighting affiliate link in the meantime.

For every purchase made through your Affiliate Link, the system will automatically assign your commission to you. You can check your balance at any time on your Affiliate Dashboard.

If any item purchased through your Affiliate Link is returned, the commission you got from it will be subtracted from your balance.

Commission payouts happen approximately 60 days after the end of the month when the sales for which they are being paid happened. So, for example, commissions for sales made in January are paid out in late March.

Combining affiliate links with coupon codes isn’t possible. You can either share affiliate links with your clients that don’t offer a 5% discount, or coupon codes which offer a 5% client discount.

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